Google Pixel 2 Fabric case review


Even though my Pixel 2 XL review device has still not yet arrived due to the incompetence of OnTrac here in Southern California, what wasn’t delayed by almost a week was this case I ordered for it.  The fabric cases are new this year, and offered direct from Google.  There are 4 different colors, and while I’ve got a little bit of time on my hands waiting for my device to come, I thought I’d give a quick rundown on what these cases look like and whether or not you might want one for your new Pixel 2 device.

Hardware/Build Quality

Now strictly speaking, there isn’t hardware here, but build quality here is “what is this case made of?” – we are looking at a polycarbonate case, with a microfiber lining on the interior of the case, and a fabric (like a cotton or wool blend) lining on the exterior.  While you might, and maybe should, be concerned about stains and other things causing discoloration on the exterior, the fabric does feel nice in the hand and should give the device a bit more grip.

It does add a bit of bulk to an already fairly large device, so if you are looking for a minimalist case or something that doesn’t add too much extra size and heft, you might want to look elsewhere.



The case wraps around the top portion of the phone and both sides, but leaves open the bottom.  So for some, this type of case isn’t going to be your cup of tea.  It comes in 4 different colors, and can be purchased direct from Google or at a Verizon Wireless retail store (although Verizon will only have certain colors so be warned) – the polycarbonate construction should give it mild drop protection, and the fabric is nice enough that it should slide in and out of a pocket pretty easy but might be tacky enough to sit right on your dash or center console.  Its Made by Google, so all the cutouts are in the right place and it will also work with the Active Edge technology so you can still be assured your Google Assistant will launch when you squeeze the phone in this case.

One of the minor touches you’ll find nice (or at least I did) was the power button is a silicon material (and a different color on some models) which helps to find it and make it distinct when you’ll in the dark or otherwise in feel only mode.  The back of the case also has this same treatment for the “G” logo, which gives it a little bit of flair.



I find myself really liking this case, but there is not really anything here to justify a $40 price tag.  The case is nice, well made, and has a bunch of esthetic “nice touches” but for the money I would think that you could find something that looks and/or feels as nice, protects better, and costs a lot less.  As with many things (including likely the Pixel 2 devices themselves) you are paying a premium for the name on the back.  If not for the lack of availability at this point, I’d probably not have purchased it.  It’s nice, and I like it, but this is a $15 case that costs $40 and that’s too much for me.



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