Google addresses Pixel 2 display issues

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With all of the recent drama surrounding the Pixel 2 XL display in particular, Google had indicated they were “actively investigating” the claims of screen burn-in, blue shift at off angles, and dull or lifeless colors on the display.  This evening, Google has revealed some more information, and some solutions they are going to put into place in response to the complaints.

If you want to read the whole article, you can find it here.  Below are a few of the more interesting points, direct from the mouth of Google:

  • Regarding color saturation, Google tuned their display to a sRGB color space (specifically the DCI-P3 gamut) and that built into Oreo, app developers can choose to display whatever color gamut they choose (and Oreo will respond)
  • The OLED display tech used in the Pixel XL previously was “unaware” of what color space to use, and effectively “stretched” the represented colors, making them appear over saturated
  • As Google recognizes that some folks prefer this saturated look, they will be adding an additional color profile for “saturated” in a software patch in the coming weeks
  • Regarding the blue shift – they indicate that while this is a symptom of pOLED technology, and they Google “tuned” the cool colors that are seen off axis
  • Regarding the burn-in claims, Google has not found any evidence that was anything more than image retention
  • Even so, they are going to include in the upcoming patch some features to further combat the retention; nav bar fading, themed colors for the nav bar, and a slightly lower max brightness in terms of nits to all delay the onset of image retention
  • Google is also offering a full 2 year warranty to give purchasers of the Pixel 2 devices peace of mind

While some media outlets have revised their review of the device because of the concerns regarding the display, its certainly good to see Google responding to the claims and taking some actions (especially the 2 year warranty) to remedy the issues.  More to come soon in our full review of the Pixel 2 XL device.



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