Moto X4 – First Impressions

Now that Sean P has had some quality hands on time with this device, here are a few of his first impressions…


Things I like:

  • Build quality.  It feels more expensive than it is, although it’s slippery without a case due to the glass back.
  • Fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate.  It’s not quite OnePlus 5 fast, but it’s definitely quicker than my Note8.
  • Battery life is excellent.  This applies to daily usage and standby. 
  • Stock-ish Android.  The phone is fast and fluid in use.  It’s not quite as quick as the S835 powered flagships I’ve used this year, but it’s generally pretty damn close. 

Things I don’t like:

  • Button layout.  The power and volume buttons are both on the right side of the phone and they’re too close together.  The power button does have a texture to it, but I end up hitting the down volume button by accident a fair amount of the time.
  • Low light camera performance.  Pictures are really, really noisy…it’s not great…

More details coming soon in our full review – stay tuned!


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