iPhone X – First Impressions


I spoke a little bit about this on our Anchor station this morning, but I wanted to give some additional photos and talk a bit more about some of the things I’ve liked and noticed in my first 24 hours with the iPhone X.  Expect a full review soon, but here are a few thoughts and photos to get you started.

Bear in mind as we go through this that some of these are just in the first 24 hours and may be subject to change as more testing is done (and I mean this mostly about the battery stuff for right now)

  • Right out of the box, the phone is heavy.  Using glass for a back instead of aluminum will do that of course, but still was very noticable right away during the unboxing.
  • Love the grey version, but the shiny aluminum frame isn’t my favorite.  Seems like it will get scuffs and scratches pretty easily.
  • Battery life so far was just so-so.  Using the camera pretty heavy on the first day, so that likely has loads to do with it – withholding my judgement for now.
  • Screen is very nice, bright, and sharp – the notch is VERY noticeable when using a lighter color or white background (see photos below) – wondering how long it will be before I “don’t notice it that much anymore” – maybe ever?
  • The camera hump is huge, and is super distracting (i.e. get a case on it)
  • Gesture based interface took me less time to get used to than I expected – seems fairly intuitive (or maybe I just have seen all of the iPhone X videos on YouTube) – the only thing that was a bother is the force close recent apps action.  That’s WAAAAAAAAAAY too complicated.
  • Fit and finish are impeccable, as one would expect from Apple (of course)

As we said, a full review is coming soon.  Make sure you check out our unboxing video here and leave a comment on the video or here if you have any questions about the device.  Thanks for reading (and watching!)

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