We need your help

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As of yesterday, YouTube announced that they are changing the terms and eligibility requirements for their monetization program (the part of videos that show an ad in the video and generate revenue for the content creators) – these changes will impact us directly.  We are a small 2 man shop that relies heavily on the kindness of strangers to get our message out there.  These changes YouTube has made will make it even more difficult than it already is to subsidize what is basically a labor of love project that consumes a great deal of not only my time, but Sean P’s as well.

In order to help us reach our goal of educating, entertaining, and informing everyone, you (our audience) plays a vital role.  Please consider subscribing to our YouTube channel (as the new model is based not only on watch time but also suscribers with a 1,000 minimum for enrollment) – the more subscribers we have and the more people we can reach, the longer we will be able to deliver our content and the better content we will be able to provide.  On behalf of both Sean P and myself, we appreciate your support of Silicon Theory over the years, and we hope to continue for many more years to come.

Cheers…and thank you!



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