Silicon Theory now available on Spotify!

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Just a quick update with some exciting news – the Silicon Theory Podcast (in both its daily short form and longer formats) is now available on Spotify!  So if you use that service and want to add us into your daily listening routine, you may!  You can (if you own one) also ask your Apple Homepod to play us in your home as well; To hear it, ask Siri, “Play the podcast Silicon Theory.”

We are also now on Overcast as well!  I’ve put links to our Spotify station in the “connect with us” section so you can grab it there, and will do so for Overcast as soon as I have it.  Make sure you are subscribed to get our thoughts on tech regularly!


Bonus video – Let’s talk Krypton!

If you are into the comic book movies and shows, then check out my latest video.  I talk for a little bit on the new SyFy series “Krypton” – a peak at to what life was like before the birth of Superman on his home planet.  As always, thanks for watching, and if you enjoyed the video, hit that like button and leave a comment on what future shows you might want to see.  Be sure to subscribe to while you are there!

Another new video is live!

Another episode of the vlog is up – and this time I tackle the question of whether or not it’s a good idea for Best Buy to back away from carrying Huawei products in their stores.  Be sure to check it out, and leave a comment if you agree or disagree.  Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe to get all our content!

New video on the channel!

You’ve no doubt heard about the issues that Facebook has faced recently making sure its users data is kept private.  Shawn talks about this in episode 3 of the tech vlog, and comments on what Facebook was, is, and whether or not they have an obligation to curate the stuff that is being spread across their platform.  Be sure to subscribe and leave a comment on the channel!  Thanks for watching!

New video – Tech Vlog, episode 1

Had some thoughts on my mind about software updates and whatnot for a while now…and just decide to ramble on for a few minutes about that.  Might be a series…might not.  You decide!  Leave a comment on the video if you enjoyed it.  Open to any constructive feedback too….but the internet is a scary place (don’t I know it)

Thanks for watching!