HYDROGEN by RED device launch may be delayed until August


Based on information posted in RED user forums, it looks like a combination of delays in carrier certification and some other technological improvements will delay the summer launch of the RED device by a little bit.  Here’s some more details on why…

Jim Jannard details a little bit in his post that while initially they were going to require an additional module to assist in shooting a 4V format with the device (at an additoional cost of about $750-$1000) they have managed through technical expertise to improve both the software and hardware abilities to be able to shoot 4V without any extra modules.  In addition, an owner and user of the device should be able to create and post 4V content directly to a variety of platforms, including a hosted platform of curated 4V selections shared by other HYDROGEN users.

In addition he cited that carrier certification was a bigger deal and is taking more time than previously thought.  In addition, he’s looking to push for a simultaneous launch and that’s been “proven to be a bit tricky.”  All of these issues (deciding on changing/improving hardware, carrier issues) are all likely the just growing pains of a new hardware manufacturer trying to get in the game.  As I mentioned on our Anchor station this morning, more folks getting into the hardware game is a good thing.  Competition drives everyone forward, usually making for good improvements for the end user and consumers.  As more information on this new device becomes available, we will definitely be following up on it.

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 11.23.00 AM



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