LG G7 ThinQ Day Launch Event (updated)


Today is the day!  I’m here at the event and will be live blogging the news of the day.  Some of this stuff was already leaked earlier in the day via this report from Venturebeat, but nonetheless, I’m going to do my best to get you all the nuggets from the event here in NYC about the newest flagship from LG.  This post will be continuously updated, so keep it right here…

I’m also including the official press release info at this link here, with a few clips and pics included after the jump on some of the more interesting bits from the press conference.

So – here is a few nuggets from the official presser:

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.41.49 PM

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.42.18 PMScreen Shot 2018-05-03 at 1.42.08 PM

Some high res pics of the colors as well…


There is a lot to unpack here!

CPU Snapdragon 845, Octacore
Display 6.1″ Full Vision QHD+
Storage 64GB/128GB
Memory 4GB/6GB
Battery 3000mah
Front 8MP Wide angle
Rear Dual 16MP with f/1.6 and wide angle with f/1.9
Color(s) Grey, Black, Blue, Rasperry Rose



And yes, there is a headphone jack.  With a Quad DAC built in no less.

I’ll have the video of the actual event edited and up on our channel as soon as I can.  But there was lots of discussion around the concept of “thoughful innovation.”  This meant three primary things:  meaningful AI, solid fundamental, and brilliant design.  They even discussed the concept of continuous upgrades, but we’ll have to wait and see if they mean what they say when it comes to that.  Full spec card below:


Meaningful AI

So this primarily focuses on the photo/camera AI – machine learning/machine vision for subjects and then auto adjust to help user get best possible shot.  This typically means the camera AI will determine the scene (portrait, pets, landscape, etc…) and then allow the application of suggested filters and other settings.  They even touted that it would be able to automatically determine if the wide angle camera would be better suited to the shot and suggest it to you up front.  Neat stuff, we’ll see if it works in practice with our review unit.  But it is advertised as being able to “take out the guesswork” of everyday photography


They also focused on the integration of the Google Assistant.  The G7 ThinQ will be able to have the Google Assistant perform 32 LG custom actions (not yet named or announced) and there is a dedicated Google Assistant hardware key – this eliminates the need to use “Ok Google” hotword – double pressing this button automatically launches the AI vision camera features.


Solid Fundamentals

This was focused primarily on the display and sound setups.  First up, the display  – they are calling it “Super bright” and at 1000 nits you better believe it.  It does appear to feature the RGB-W configuration (since it was mentioned that it has incorporated “white pixels to help with brightness” It’s a Full Vision QHD+ panel will a 19.5×9 aspect ratio; it was fine to hold and use one handed, and its quite a bit smaller than my Pixel 2 XL (as the V30 was also) Sound was also a big focus with the mention of the “boombox speaker” and  32bit HiFi DAC via the headphone jack.  The external speaker (which is supposed to be 30% larger than the G6) uses inner space as resonance chamber to amplify the bass and overall sound levels (I’ll have a sample of the sound via Imagine Dragons in the video feed) – They also included better Farfield voice recognition, as the G7 ThinQ is supposed to pick up commands from almost 17 feet away.  There are 4 different colors announced, and there was also a mention of some matte as well as glossy finishes, but I only saw the glossy units here and an LG rep mentioned they didn’t know which would ultimately make their way to the US for sale.



Brilliant Design

There are supposed to be glossy and matte finish versions, but as I said before I old saw the glossy ones.  Of the 4 colors the Moroccan Blue really stood out, and there is also the Raspberry Rose that showed up in the V30s as well.   The notch is now officially referred to as a “second screen” – you can keep the notch, remove it entirely, or also change the color of the bar to make it stand out (if you’re into that kind of thing)

LG also promised this “Continuous upgrades” – not entirely sure what that will mean, but they advertised a global software upgrade center and the G7 ThinQ will feature their 2nd year promise in US – so in addition to 1 year OEM warranty, you’ll get a 2nd year free with registration.


That’s pretty much it – as I mentioned, I’ll work on editing the video next and include the edited version of the event, as well as my hands on time with the device here.  Hit me with any questions down in the comments, and check out our Instagram feed (@silicontheory) as well for more inside peaks at the LG G7 ThinQ!


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