2018 Apple iPhone Event Recap

apple 2018

We will be covering all things Apple and iPhone as they are announced today at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino – make sure you bookmark the page and hit that F5 to refresh to get all the news!  Read below for what we know so far…(continuously updated…)

Apple iPhone News:

There will be 3 variants of the iPhone update this year – and they will be named the iPhone Xs – the iPhone Xs Max – and the iPhone Xr.

iphone max2

iPhone Xs details

It will look in a lot of ways just like the iPhone X, and will come in 3 colors – gold, silver, and space grey.  Apple has improved the water and dust resistance to IP68 rating now, and it will feature a new, tougher glass on the back (the strongest ever in a smartphone) It will feature a 5.8″ OLED display that supports Dolby Vision and HDR 10, and the stereo sound has been improved and is wider than ever before.

It will run the A12 Bionic CPU, a 7nm processor (among the first in the industry) with a 6 core CPU with 2 power cores and 4 efficiency cores – it will also feature a Apple custom designed GPU with 4 cores itself.  Storage variants will be available up to 512GB. (crazy!)

iphone max3

The rear camera will be a 12MP dual setup, with one of the lenses at f/1.8 aperture and the other at f/2.4 – the same True Tone flash will be there, to help color correct when using the flash.  It will have larger 1.4micron pixels, and use an overall 6 elements in the lens.  The A12 Bionic’s ISP will use “smart HDR” to improve shadows, color accuracy, and exposure.  You’ll also be able to change the depth of field in the photo AFTER its been taken, to enable different bokeh effects (using the A12 Bionic’s post-processing) – they are moving into areas similar to Google with computational photography.

iphone max5

The front facing camera is a 7MP f/2.2 aperture, and both portrait mode and lighting have been improved.  Video recording will feature better color accuracy and dynamic range.  And that stereo sound will be recorded and played back in video as well.  Battery life is claimed to be up to 30 minutes longer than the previous generation iPhone X.

iPhone Xs Max details

iphone xs max

All of the same features of the iPhone Xs, but now with a 6.5″ Super Retina OLED display – the same footprint roughly as the iPhone Plus variants, but with a much larger display obviously.  Battery life could be at long as 1.5 more than iPhone X, since the Xs Max will have the largest battery ever put into an iPhone.

iphone max6


Both iPhones will now be able to feature dual SIM ability, using Apple’s eSIM technology, as well as a new technology called DSDS – dual SIM, dual standby.  Many carrier partners are on board, and will be bringing eSIM support in the coming months – and will be available globally.  Most global variants of the iPhone will use one physical SIM, and one eSIM to support this; Chinese iPhones will get dual physical SIMs however.

iPhone Xr details

iphone xr

This new model will come in 6 new colors including: black, white, blue, yellow, coral, and Product RED.  It’s housed in an aluminum and glass chassis an will have a slightly lower IP67 rating.  The iPhone Xr features an edge to edge 6.1″ “liquid retina” LCD display, instead of an OLED (which Apple claims is the most advanced LCD in a smartphone) It won’t have 3D touch but instead “haptic touch” – which is similar to the Macbook Pro trackpads – and will use the same Face ID biometrics.  They are obviously trying to match the features of the standard iPhone X, as the iPhone Xr will feature the A12 Bionic chip as well.


Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.51.02 AM

It will have a single camera system, the same 12MP sensor as iPhone Xs, but just one of them – the front camera is the same as the iPhone Xs as well.  Battery life is claimed to be an hour and a half more than iPhone 8 Plus device, which was the last LCD display Apple iPhone product.   Prepare your wallets, because the new iPhones aren’t going to be cheap (but are they ever though?) Starting pricing is below…

  • iPhone Xs will start at $999/$1149/$1349 (in 64GB/256GB/512GB options)
  • iPhone Xs Max will start at $1099/$1249/$1449 (in 64GB/256GB/512GB options)
  • iPhone Xr will start at $749/$799/$899 (in 64GB/128GB/256GB options)

Both iPhone Xs and Xs Max devices will be available to order on Friday 09/14, and will be in stores on 09/24 – the iPhone Xr will be available to pre-order on October 19th and will be in stores about a week later.

Apple Watch News:

Since their launch, the Apple Watch devices have kept the same size casing – that is changing this year – instead of 38mm and 42mm case sizes, Apple will now have 40mm and 44mm cases.  All previous bands, straps, and other accessories will work with the new Apple Watch series 4 device, including Nike sport styles.  The speaker is supposed to be 50% louder, to assist with Siri, as well as walkie talkie functions.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 10.12.18 AM

The Apple Watch has a new set of sensor, accelorometer, and gyroscope to detect falls, slips, and trips – and will be able to use its “fall detection” features to make phone calls to emergency services or someone in your contacts list if it detects you have been immobile for a longer period of time.  There are also now 3 new heart rate detection features for low heart rate, atrial fibrulation (AFIB), and an electrocardogram.  It will come in 3 new aluminim finishes:  silver, gold, space grey – a new polished and space black in stainless steel finish – and they will have a new gold stainless finish as well.

  • Series 4 w/GPS only will start at $399
  • Series 4 w/LTE will start at $499
  • Series 3 will be dropping to $279 to start

Series 4 Apple Watch will be available to order starting Friday, and will be in stores on 09/21 – Series 3 prices will drop right after the show – WatchOS wil be available on 09/17.

Misc Apple News:

iOS 12/macOS/tvOS details

Lots of new AR items that are going to be coming (mostly related to gaming) – a new Elder Scrolls: Blades game, the HomeCourt app for AR tracking of basketball players shooting form and mechanics, as well as the AR Galaga game!  Most are coming to the App Store later on this year, as enabled by the A12 Bionic chip.

In the new variant of iOS 12, you’ll also have access to Siri Shortcuts, which are pre-programmed commands that will execute a series of instructions with one shortcut command. iOS 12 will launch on Sept 17th.

MacOS Mojave will launch on Sept 24th.  tvOS will be available this month as well, if you have an Apple TV.  No news on new Airpods, Airpower, or anything hardware related for Mac or iPad (not entirely unsurprising) – hit us up in the comments below with any questions!



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