New video – LG V30+ unboxing

We just got our review unit in from LG and wanted to give you a quick unboxing of this really great looking phone.  Check it out, and if you have any questions about this device as we review it, make sure to leave them in the comments on the video or here at the site.  Make sure you subscribe to our channel on YouTube so you don’t miss a minute of our tech related content!

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Libratone QAdapt headphones review

I’m a headphone guy.  To be honest, I’m actually a music guy, and the headphones are the way you get to the music, so….I’m a headphone guy.  I’ve owned more pairs than I care to count (and certainly more than my wife would want me to have owned) but after picking up a Pixel 2 XL recently, I realized I was going to have to either start living the #donglelife (since the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL have no headphone jack) or find a decent set of wired USB type C headphones.

This wasn’t as easy as it might sound.  For while any old Earpods will do in a pinch for podcasts and short listening sessions WITH a headphone jack, without one – there are fewer alternatives.  So since I actually care about the quality of music I’m getting into my ears, I turned to Google for an answer.  The Google Store now sells the Libratone QAdapt headphones for a retail price of $149.  I got them to review, so let’s discuss whether or not they are worth it.

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Google Home Mini – First Impressions

Now that I have had the Google Home Mini at the house for a few days, I wanted to give a few quick first impressions of how I feel about the device.  Overall, I think this is a great value at a retail price point of $49, but more thoughts follow below.

Things I like:

  • Size and design – it really IS a donut sized device and would fit in seamlessly just about anywhere (kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc…)
  • Features – right away, if you’ve used the Google Assistant on your mobile phone, you know what to expect from the home based unit.  You can now easily set up timers, alarms, ask basic fact queries, and other routine commands when away from your mobile phone.
  • Ease of setup (hardware) – its literally plug and play.  You open the box, take out the cable and the Home Mini itself, and plug it in.  That’s pretty much as easy as it gets.

Things I don’t like:

  • Ease of setup (software) – you need to have or download the Google Home app and then…its a series of button presses to get things going.  Its not hard to figure out, but its not exactly the most intuitive setup either.
  • Microphone sensitivity – maybe its where I have the device located (up on a shelf where my Nexus Player and TV are) but it seems right now that I need to be relatively close in proximity to the device to issues commands and have it hear me and aswer.  More testing to come obviously.
  • Sound quality – now to be fair, this isn’t a real deal breaker.  And it does play music easily and that’s what really counts.  I’m only saying don’t go expecting too much from a $49 speaker in terms of overall sound quality.

Be sure to stay tuned for our full review coming soon.  Feel free to leave any questions about the device in the comments section below.


Moto X4 – First Impressions

Now that Sean P has had some quality hands on time with this device, here are a few of his first impressions…


Things I like:

  • Build quality.  It feels more expensive than it is, although it’s slippery without a case due to the glass back.
  • Fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate.  It’s not quite OnePlus 5 fast, but it’s definitely quicker than my Note8.
  • Battery life is excellent.  This applies to daily usage and standby. 
  • Stock-ish Android.  The phone is fast and fluid in use.  It’s not quite as quick as the S835 powered flagships I’ve used this year, but it’s generally pretty damn close. 

Things I don’t like:

  • Button layout.  The power and volume buttons are both on the right side of the phone and they’re too close together.  The power button does have a texture to it, but I end up hitting the down volume button by accident a fair amount of the time.
  • Low light camera performance.  Pictures are really, really noisy…it’s not great…

More details coming soon in our full review – stay tuned!

New video – Pixel 2 XL review

The wait is over.  Check out the video below for our full coverage of Google’s latest flagship mobile device.  Make sure you subscribe to our channel to get all of our content as soon as its available.  Hit that like button too, we really appreciate it!  If you have any other questions or want more info on this device, leave a comment either here or on the video itself.  Enjoy!

To buy, go here:  Google Store

DisplayMate says the iPhone X has the best mobile display…ever

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.03.49 PM

DisplayMate rates smartphone displays of all kinds, mobile ones included.  For the last few years, Samsung has held the crown of best mobile phone display with their Galaxy and Note lines, but their run of supremacy has been ended by the iPhone X.  DisplayMate has quite a bit of technical information on their site but its worth a read if you want to know how it was that Apple has knocked off the champs at Samsung.

See the source link here and check it out.  The king is dead; long live the king!

New video – Pixel 2 XL Hardware Features

Got a new short video for you all – looking at a few features of the new Pixel 2 XL from a hardware standpoint:  the display, the front facing speakers, and the fingerprint scanner. This will be the first part of the 2 part preview; the 2nd part will look at a few of the software features of the Pixel 2 XL.  If you are interested in this new mobile phone from Google, take a look below:

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New video – Samsung Note 8 Review

So – at long last, I got Sean P on camera to talk about what he likes and doesn’t like about his Samsung Note 8 device.  The video just went live on our channel, so head on over and check it out.  Be sure to subscribe and leave a thumbs up while you’re there, so I can keep the videos of Sean P coming.

Thanks for watching – be sure to leave a comment on what you’d like to see us review next!  We’ll have coverage of the Google Pixel 2 phone, as well as probably one of the new devices from Motorola before the end of the year too.  But hit us up and follow us on all the social channels too.

Google addresses Pixel 2 display issues

Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 9.31.23 PM

With all of the recent drama surrounding the Pixel 2 XL display in particular, Google had indicated they were “actively investigating” the claims of screen burn-in, blue shift at off angles, and dull or lifeless colors on the display.  This evening, Google has revealed some more information, and some solutions they are going to put into place in response to the complaints.

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