Today’s Deal – Sandisk 200GB micro SD card for $45 from Amazon

Sandisk Ultra 200GB

Looking for a spot to hold all those photos and videos you’re taking these days?  Sandisk has a great deal on one of their larger SD cards – this 200GB monster is one that I use myself and I love it.  If you need a large amount of storage for your camera, mobile phone, or laptop computer, you should defintitely check this deal out!  Hit this link to go straight to Amazon to purchase it.

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Dash Wand – Video Review


For those without the time or inclination to read, our video review of the Amazon Dash wand w/Alexa built in is hitting YouTube shortly and will be live for your enjoyment.  You can click the social links in the upper right corner of the home page, or follow this link right here to find all the videos from our channel

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Review – Amazon Dash Wand w/Alexa


Amazon has many many hardware products that they make and want to sell you.  From Kindles to Echo speakers, Amazon is involving themselves in just about every business segment you can imagine.  So when they released the Dash Wand with Alexa built it, it seemed like just another way for you to order stuff from Amazon instead of someone else.  But is it really that simple?  And does the Dash Wand have a useful purpose in your daily life?  Let’s explore what the Dash Wand is and what it does a bit more.

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Amazon to buy Whole Foods chain for more than 13 billion dollars


Amazon has a “Whole” lot of reasons to smile today…as they are going to purchase the health and organic focused food chain for a rumored 13.7 billion dollars.  While this might not seem a natural fit, as those shopping on Amazon are usually looking for deals, and those shopping at Whole Foods know that there is a premium to be paid for healthy living, there are good reasons for this purchase.  Amazon’s grocery business, Amazon Fresh, will no doubt be bolstered by this move, and its likely that Whole Foods may become an outlet for other Amazon goods and services.

The “Alexa, buy me Whole Foods” jokes aside, the fact that Amazon has the ability to make an all cash offer for a chain as big as Whole Foods (with over 400 locations in the US alone) speaks to how successful they have been as a business model and this purchase can only enhance their ability to deliver on their “everything from A to Z” promise.  Those who shop at Whole Foods should see no immediate changes, as it sounds like the corporate structure there will remain intact for now.  Although if you show up at your local Whole Foods location and there are drones flying out of it, don’t be alarmed.  A pic of Jeff Bezos arranging the deal is below.

Businessman with briefcase of money

Of course this isn’t real….but it could be?


Amazon to offer new Echo Show device

Today, Amazon announced that they will sell a new device in the Echo line, with their Alexa AI built in, that will also feature an LCD screen to allow for additional features.  Some of this list of new features will include: video and audio calling, displaying song lyrics when used with a streaming music service, and displaying photos from your library (if you use the Amazon Photos service)

The device will cost approximately $229 at launch and should be available by the end of June.  You can watch this demo video of some of the Echo Show’s features or take a quick look at the recap from James Vincent of the Verge here.   Dan Siefert of the Verge also had a neat write up on how the Echo Show might change how and when we use video calling in our daily lives.  Pics of the device are below.

Once more info is known about the device, we’ll have some updates!  Cheers!