New video – updated Essential Phone review

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A new video is live on our channel – we take a closer look at the Essential Phone now that it has received a few major software updates.  Have these updates made the Essential device worthy of your attention – watch and get our take on this one of kind device.

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2nd new podcast – Episode 38, early reviews of the Essential Phone


And the second episode of the Silicon Theory podcast should now be available, and this one is a doozy.  We round up all the early reviews of the newly launched Essential phone and discuss what people are experiencing.  We also talk a bit about what the “stock” Android experience is like now, since that’s one of the more attractive features of this new device as well.

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Essential phone pre-orders being told device coming “in a few weeks”

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via Essential Twitter account

In a recent public communication from Andy Rubin, both those who pre-ordered the upcoming mobile phone from Essential and anyone else who asked (i.e. the standard Twitter feed response) are being told that the device should be “in your hands in a ew weeks.”

Considering that Essential has already missed their initial self declared deadline, this maybe sound like just more vague news for a product that is (for now) nothing more than vaporware.  But Andy Rubin has a track record and a bunch of venture capital behind him, so hopefully we will see this device being reviewed sooner rather than later.

Another executive leaves Essential

I pondered recently on our Anchor station about why Essential had been so mum of late since their initial pomp and circumstance at the Code Conference announcing their PH-1 mobile device.  It turns out that perhaps the reason behind why things have been under wraps is due to some turmoil at the top – this report from 9to5Google claims that Essentials VP of Marketing left the organization effective Friday, July 14th.  This comes after their head of communications also left earlier in July.

Chaos at the top line of your offices probably could come at a better time, since carrier launches with Sprint in the United States and Telus in Canada were expected soon, with a rumored partnership with another UK carrier in the works.  We are very much interested in the Essential phone’s release and will follow up on additional news as it becomes available.

New Podcast – The Essential Phone Announcement & Carrier Support Discussion


Another new episode (#31) of the Silicon Theory podcast has been uploaded and its a doozy!  Sean P and I tackle the announcements from the newly formed Essential Products, Inc (including their new mobile phone) and then take a look at how phones that lack wireless carrier support in general can find a path to commercial success.

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Can phones sold without US carrier backing find a path to success?

use a mobile phone

Earlier this week, Andy Rubin announced the start of a new mobile device company, called Essential.  They are going to be making a number of different consumer products, but foremost among them is their PH-1 smartphone, made with premium materials and costing a cool $699 retail and off contract.  Its the off contract part that is both intriguing and potentially disappointing, as Essential will launch their device using the direct-to- consumer model that other OEMs have used before.  The question we should be asking is not about phone specs or display size or battery capacity.  Its about whether or not a phone sold direct to consumers without any carrier presence can find a measure of success.  So far, the results are a mixed bag.  Let’s explore some of the reasons why a bit further.

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