[Rumor] Next Galaxy Note to have even bigger display?

Could this be the Galaxy Note 3?

File this under the “it’s just a crazy rumor right now but hey…maybe?” department, but Samsung is reportedly considering going even larger with their Galaxy Note device in the next generation, by throwing a whopping 6.3 inch display in the 3rd version of the Note series.

I can’t imagine why anyone would consider such a large screen or form factor in their phone, but since that’s pretty close to the size of my Nexus 7 – let’s just call it like we see it and say any phone that size is really just a 3G/4G enabled tablet, shall we?  We’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

*Source:  Droid-Life


[News] Verizon Galaxy Note 2’s bootloader unlocked

Now this news will probably not mean much to a lot of folks, but for those precious few Android enthusiasts who enjoy “modding” their phones…this is a great day.  The good folks over at XDA Developers have found an exploit that allows the bootloader of the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 to be unlocked.  This allows for a variety of custom options to be flashed onto the device, including a custom recovery, kernels, and ROMs.  If you’re like me and have a desire to always tinker with your device, the Galaxy Note 2 (already a great smartphone) just got a little better.

This link to the chaps over at Droid-Life includes some more info, along with the video on how its done.  You might want to make a “Note” of it if you are thinking about picking up this phone and messing around with it.

*Source:  Droid-Life

[News] Samsung porting Galaxy Note features to S3

Based no doubt on the success of the Galaxy Note 2 and its many innovative (read: cool) features, Samsung has announced on their blog that some of these features will be coming to the Galaxy S3 phone as well.  These features will likely include Multi-Window and Page Buddy, two of the more useful of the Galaxy Note 2’s software bundle.  Multi-Window is just that, allowing multiple windows open on the screen running different apps.  Page Buddy is more along the lines of “smart actions” by executing certain commands based on related actions (launching your music player if you were to plug in headphones for example).

The size of the Galaxy S3 makes this an almost no brainer, and makes a great phone even more versatile and functional.  Now…the bad news.  So its pretty much being released by Samsung as the “Premium Software Suite” and will be available in the international market first.  And then it would be up to the individual carriers at some point to make it available to those in the U.S. market.  Sounds like it won’t be hitting anyone around here anytime soon.  But still…hope is a good thing.  And Samsung gets props from me for even offering this suite to begin with.  Good on you Sammy!

*Source: BGR

[News] Verizon Galaxy Note 2 to go on sale tomorrow

The day many have longed for has come…the Galaxy Note 2 will be available for purchase through Verizon Wireless starting tomorrow, November 29th.  If you’re jonesing for the largest, most powerful smartphone/tablet/phablet on the market with LTE on board, wait no more.

Pricing will likely depend on whether or not you on on or off contract, but with a new 2 year agreement you can pick this one up at Big Red’s stores for $299.  As Mr. Plunkett has already made his purchase, expect an in-depth review of this magical device coming soon from the Two Tech Geeks!

*Source:  BGR

[News] Verizon Galaxy Note 2 spotted at Best Buy

A very lucky Droid-Life reader happened to be cruising through his local Best Buy store, and ran across the Verizon branded version of the Galaxy Note 2, as of yet not available on Verizon’s service.  The rumor is the launch will be on or around November 29th, but nothing official as of yet.  Unless you count photos of the device at a local retail store as being official of course.

I know Sean is very much looking forward to this device (except for the inexplicable VZW branding on the home button) but is anyone else out there considering this device?  Check out more details on the device here…but let us know if this is your next smartphone in the comments!

Photo Courtesy of Droid-Life

*Source:  Droid-Life

[News] Samsung Galaxy Note 2 now available through AT&T

If you are an AT&T customer and have been waiting for a 5.5 inch phone+tablet to arrive, you need wait no longer.  As of today, the Galaxy Note 2 is now available for purchase through AT&T for $299 with a 2 year contract agreement.  As this phone boasts some of the best specs in the phone world right now (see the full review of this beast here) its worth a long look.  Now admittedly…if you’ve seen the Galaxy S3, this phablet is bigger (by almost a full inch) so make sure you test it in  before you buy.  But if the size doesn’t bother you (as it surely doesn’t bother my partner here on the site) this is a great phone.

If you’ve got spare cash and need a new phone (and are with those AT&T people) check it out.

*Source: Droid-Life

[News]Verizon Galaxy Note 2 with home button branding official

Proving once again that it has no shame, Verizon introduced its variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGN2) today with its logo on the home button.

Verizon’s antics are getting tiresome.  Between the locked boot loaders, slow updates, expensive family share plans and now nonsense like this it makes it really hard to continue to support them.

While not a deal breaker the button branding is tacky and the fact that none of the other carriers felt it necessary to do something similar says a lot. 

The official Galaxy Note 2 press conference is this evening and launch details are expected to be announced then.  Look for the Verizon SGN2 to be released on November 15th with a $299.99 on contract price.

It looks now like the official release date for Verizon will be Thursday, November 29th.  That’s a full month later than T-Mobile and Sprint, and over two weeks later than AT&T.  The reasoning for the delay is unknown, but it’s probably to give the RAZR HD/MAXX HD more time on the market without major competition. 

The good news is this gives those that pre-ordered plenty of time to cancel their orders if the HTC DNA or LG Nexus 4 end up being better options, or if they finally decide to leave Verizon because they’re sick of being treated like second class citizens.