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As you may know (and if you follow our channel or this site regularly, you definitely know) I LOVE HEADPHONES.  Too much, probably.  Can someone love headphones too much, is that even a thing?  Anywho – I take to the YouTubes to unbox this next set of wireless neckbuds, and the best part about them so far?  The price.  For under $80, you too can own this set of wireless headphones from OnePlus, as soon as they come back into stock.  I’m going to be doing a full review, but it’s going to be hard to beat that price for sure.

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Libratone QAdapt headphones review

I’m a headphone guy.  To be honest, I’m actually a music guy, and the headphones are the way you get to the music, so….I’m a headphone guy.  I’ve owned more pairs than I care to count (and certainly more than my wife would want me to have owned) but after picking up a Pixel 2 XL recently, I realized I was going to have to either start living the #donglelife (since the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL have no headphone jack) or find a decent set of wired USB type C headphones.

This wasn’t as easy as it might sound.  For while any old Earpods will do in a pinch for podcasts and short listening sessions WITH a headphone jack, without one – there are fewer alternatives.  So since I actually care about the quality of music I’m getting into my ears, I turned to Google for an answer.  The Google Store now sells the Libratone QAdapt headphones for a retail price of $149.  I got them to review, so let’s discuss whether or not they are worth it.

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V-Moda M-100 Review


I’ve owned more headphones in my time than I care to admit. Right now, I have a few different pairs of headphones in my bag that serve different needs. I have a pair of Earpods from Apple for quick trips, my Beats Studio Wireless (which I talked about here) for when I want to be mobile and avoid the tangle of cords, and then there’s the last pair – my V-Moda M-100s. My favorite pair, I break them out when I really want to crank the music up. There are a lot of reasons I keep them in my bag – below are a few of them.

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