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Been working on this a while – but if you are considering a new device soon, perhaps the G7 from LG should be on your list.  I outline my top 3 features of why I think this is one of the better phones of 2018 – and why it stands out in a year of mostly disappointing smartphone news.  Be sure to hit the like button if you enjoyed it, and subscribe to the channel to get more of our content!  Thanks for watching…


ANOTHER new video on the channel

Yes – October is a crazy month for smartphones – I’ve got this here V40 ThinQ from LG and I get to unboxing it.  If you want to know what you’d find inside the package if you purchased this smartphone, WONDER NO MORE FRIENDS.  Check out the video, and if you enjoyed it, hit that like button and feel free to subscribe as well.  Thanks for watching!

LG G7 ThinQ pricing to be announced in “coming weeks”


In information from LG this morning, it looks like we are getting closer to knowing what kind of value the new LG G7 ThinQ flagship smartphone might be.  In a press released we got via email earlier today, the reported pricing is going to be set by the individual carriers, and is supposed to be “in the ballpark of [the] G6.”  They also point to a linked Android Central article that cites previous carrier pricing for the the G6 (which can be found here) and that could be very good news for potential buyers.  Each carrier priced the G6 between $480 (on Sprint) to $699 (at Best Buy) – but the average price was around $500-550 and if the G7 ThinQ can be had around there, it would be an excellent value.

As a reminder, AT&T will not be carrying the G7 ThinQ, so you’d only be able to purchase the phone from one of the other 3 (or 2?) carriers once its available for sale.  And the rumored launch date is 06/01/18, so we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer.  Let us know if you have any questions about the device in the comments down below.

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 9.25.19 AM

LG G7 ThinQ Day Launch Event (updated)


Today is the day!  I’m here at the event and will be live blogging the news of the day.  Some of this stuff was already leaked earlier in the day via this report from Venturebeat, but nonetheless, I’m going to do my best to get you all the nuggets from the event here in NYC about the newest flagship from LG.  This post will be continuously updated, so keep it right here…

I’m also including the official press release info at this link here, with a few clips and pics included after the jump on some of the more interesting bits from the press conference.

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LG to announce new G7 ThinQ mobile phone at NYC event on 05/02


With all the press renders that have come out recently, one wonders what info will be left to give – BUT, nonetheless, LG will have their official global launch event to announce the new LG G7 device at 9:30am on Wednesday, May 2nd.  There is a small chance we will be able to be on site and check out the device first hand, so if we do, you can bet we will have lots of pics and video for you to check out.  Either way, we will be following up on this latest offering from LG next week!

LG annouces wide swath of new products at CES 2018


Now that CES 2018 is winding down, we wanted to take a look at a few products in particular.  That would be a lot easier to do if LG hadn’t introduced a TON of new products, a lot of which are designed to make your home smarter or act smarter.  This years theme was mostly about digital assistance in our next generation products, and LG was no exception.  After the jump you’ll see just a few of the things LG has planned for consumers in 2018.

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New podcast available – the Moto X4 and LG V30 reviews are up!

The extended audio from our video reviews are now available for your listening enjoyment on your favorite podcast platform – Sean P talks about the pros and cons of each device in our seperate reviews.  Links for the podcast are below.

Silicon Theory podcast – iTunes, Google Play Music, SoundCloud

You can of course still watch the video reviews (and we hope that you do, or did) – you can find all of our video content at – leave any questions you might have in the comments here or on the videos – and as always, thanks for listening or watching!