New podcast – OnePlus 8/8 Pro and Apple iPhone SE 2020 launches

Shawn & Sean P are joined by special guest friend Alex to talk about the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro smartphone announcements, and go over why each of them have a VERY different opinion on how good these phones might be. Also, they cover the Apple iPhone SE 2020 device, and how it may really be a game changer, and one of the best values in smartphones in all of 2020.  Click below to play, or find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify as the Silicon Theory Podcast!

Silicon Theory · Ep 112 (04.14.20) – OnePlus 8/8 Pro and New iPhone SE launch


New unboxing video on the channel

There has been NO chill in the last few weeks as we continue to have new tech to cover.  This latest is the new flagship unboxed from OnePlus – the OnePlus 6T.  This is a great phone at a great price – so if you haven’t heard of OnePlus or even if you have and you were curious what you’d get for your purchasing dollars – wonder no more!

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OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review


The Bullets Wireless headphones from OnePlus are designed with a number of touches to make them easy to use, and easy to love.  With headphone jacks disappearing from more and more mobile devices these days, quality wireless headphones that won’t break the bank should be on everyones must buy list.  Do the Bullets Wireless qualify?  Let’s talk about it – here’s my review.

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New video on the channel!

As you may know (and if you follow our channel or this site regularly, you definitely know) I LOVE HEADPHONES.  Too much, probably.  Can someone love headphones too much, is that even a thing?  Anywho – I take to the YouTubes to unbox this next set of wireless neckbuds, and the best part about them so far?  The price.  For under $80, you too can own this set of wireless headphones from OnePlus, as soon as they come back into stock.  I’m going to be doing a full review, but it’s going to be hard to beat that price for sure.

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OnePlus 6 Launch Event Recap

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 9.52.53 PM

Today is the day!  The newest flagship from OnePlus is here…let’s dive in and get to the details of what this new phone is all about so on the off chance you were looking, you know what to do.  Carl Pei dropped a teaser at the beginning – telling us that OnePlus is going to show us not 1 but 2 new products – with the tagline of “The Speed You Need.”  Let’s find out what they’ve got for us!

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OnePlus 5 Photo comparison

Now that our podcast review of the OnePlus 5 phone is live, I thought it might be helpful also to those who are considering picking up the device to have some more info on the camera, one of the biggest concerns we had about the device.  Below you will find some sample photos taken in identical situations with both the OnePlus 5 and our test camera, the Galaxy S8 Plus.  Judge for yourself which picture(s) you think are best.

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New podcast – OnePlus 5 review

microphone-glyph-icon_Gk4HHa8O_LAt last!  Sean P and I review the OnePlus 5 phone and discuss what its pros and cons are. If you are considering making this your next mobile phone purchase (and at a base price of $479, it should definitely be on your short list of options) make sure you check our our podcast on your favorite podcasting platform first!  Links to the podcast are below, thanks for listening, and be sure to hit that subscribe button and leave us a review on either Google Play Music or iTunes.  You can find us on the Anchor app as well.

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OnePlus 5 to launch (Tuesday) 6/20


*Quick Note:  due to our error, the OnePlus was reported as launching Monday, when the 20th is in fact Tuesday.  Sorry for the confusion.

The newest offering from phone OEM OnePlus is scheduled to be unveiled officially on Monday.  I say officially since as most of you probably have seen, there have been many leaks surrounding this device.  The latest have the starting price point for the 6GB RAM/64GB storage model coming in at a modest $479.  For what you are rumored to be getting, this is a pretty terrific value. Continue reading

Can phones sold without US carrier backing find a path to success?

use a mobile phone

Earlier this week, Andy Rubin announced the start of a new mobile device company, called Essential.  They are going to be making a number of different consumer products, but foremost among them is their PH-1 smartphone, made with premium materials and costing a cool $699 retail and off contract.  Its the off contract part that is both intriguing and potentially disappointing, as Essential will launch their device using the direct-to- consumer model that other OEMs have used before.  The question we should be asking is not about phone specs or display size or battery capacity.  Its about whether or not a phone sold direct to consumers without any carrier presence can find a measure of success.  So far, the results are a mixed bag.  Let’s explore some of the reasons why a bit further.

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