Tuesday Poll

Vote Target Means Evaluation Poll Election

Since Android Oreo is now announced and will be hitting more Pixel devices today allegedly, let’s talk about software updates and how crucial you might consider them to be.  I own a Pixel and so I really enjoy having the monthly security updates as well as major OS releases sent to me over the air as soon as they are available.  Use the poll below and cast your vote!


(Repeat) Weekend Poll – What’s important to YOU

Vote Target Means Evaluation Poll Election

We wanted to re-run a poll from a week ago to get your feedback on what is most important to you as a buyer for your next smartphone.  Pick from the choices below, or feel free to pick “other” and leave us a comment and give us your feedback.

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Monday morning poll

Checklist Clipboard Shows Test Or Survey

So far, this has been a pretty quality year for mobile devices.  And there are probably lots of you who are looking to upgrade this year to something new.  Having said that, let’s take a poll on what is going to be most important to you in your next smartphone.  We can talk about the reasons why afterwards, but cast your vote below and we can start the discussion.