RED’s Hydrogen One smartphone in titanium hits significant delays

screen-shot-2018-04-20-at-11-23-00-am.pngIn a recent forum post by Jim Jannard, he expresses that the first run of the Titanium version of the camera companies smartphone “is a disaster” and “all fail.”  While some folks who pre-ordered got access to a special limited edition “Houdini” version of the phone (which is now out in the users hands) those who pre-ordered the variant made of titanium will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the RED Hydrogen media machine.

As a way to make up for the customers he assumes will “be pretty pissed off” he’s offering to send those who are still on board both an aluminum version of the phone, AS WELL as the eventual titanium version.  Considering the cost of both of these devices, this is a pretty big deal, and a bit of a steal for those willing to stick it out and wait.  You can see a recap of the post below.  Anyone pre-order the device and have it in hand?  Anyone sticking it out for the titanium PLUS aluminum?  Let us know in the comments section below…we’d love to hear from you.


A few more tidbits about the RED HYDROGEN One device, from a RED user

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 9.28.40 AMThere was a bit of a stir this week as YouTuber MKBHD got his hands on a prototype of the RED HYDROGEN One phone.  There have been few devices of late that carry the amount of hype that this seems to have generated, but another person got a chance to get up close and personal with the prototype, and had a few more thoughts to share.  I’m including a few clips of those thoughts after the jump – so read on!

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RED HYDROGEN phone first look


So – in what was likely the HUGEST breaking news of the last few weeks, RED gave YouTuber MKBHD an inside look at some of the early prototypes of their new HYDROGEN phone, and MKBHD shot a short video of his time and experience with them.  Check that video out at this link – and feel free to hit us up with any questions you have in the comments below.  We are trying to get as much info as possible to cover this very new and potentially groundbreaking device.  More details as they become available.  Some screen grabs from his video are below.