[Rumor] Newest iPhone to feature version with sapphire glass?

Apple may be giving an all new meaning to “high end” when they release their new devices in early September.  According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple may be releasing a version of the new iPhone 6 with a sapphire glass display.  Sapphire crystal is only below diamond in its hardness rating and could be a big step forward in reducing scratches on mobile device screens and the need for screen protectors.

The rumor is that only the more expensive versions of the devices (both the 4.7″ and 5.5″ new iPhone) will feature this tech, and it could cause the price of the already pricey device to increase even further.  There are both pros and cons to this type of display (check out this great article here for more info) but this would still represent an innovation that has never before been seen by a major hardware manufacturer.  
As the announcement for the next iPhone should be coming in the next few weeks, more details are sure to come.  Is anyone pining away for a larger iPhone?  Let us know below in the comments section!

[Rumor] Larger storage coming in new Nexus 7? *Updated*

First reported by the good fellas over at Droid Life, there may be indications that the popular Google and Asus produced Nexus 7 tablet may be coming out in the future with a larger storage option than is currently available.  As someone who would already own this tablet if not for an unbelievable gift card snafu (don’t get me started), this is a very cool rumor.
What does every person who owns a gadget with 16GB of storage want?  To have a 32GB version of the same device, of course!  Since the Nexus 7 only comes in 8GB or 16GB versions currently, doubling the amount of storage with the same great existing feature list makes this almost a MUST own for any Android enthusiast.  I could almost overlook the previously mentioned gift card snafu if it meant that I’d be able to lay hands on the larger storage version of this killer tablet.

While owning a tablet itself in the day and age where just about every American household has some form of PC or laptop in it already is a completely separate article, suffice it to say if you were going to get one, give this one a long look.  And if you can hold off until the holidays, you could potentially get a great reward for your patience.  If you can’t hold off, and want to buy this terrific tablet now, straight from Google, go here.  For Droid-Life’s review of the Nexus 7, go here.

If/when the Nexus 7 (of any storage variety) finds its way into this Shawn’s household, you can bet an extensive review of its feature list will not be far behind!

Update:  There is an addition report from Droid Life that indicates another source has seen the 32GB variant of the Nexus 7, and its possible that it might be out by 10/24/2012!  Even better news for those us eagerly awaiting this item to become available – including yours truly.

[Rumor]New Nexus Phone in 30 days with Android 4.2 in tow

An article from Android and me this morning indicates the next Nexus phone will be out within 30 days with Android 4.2 in tow.

As I covered in our Holiday buyers guide I believe it is likely we’ll see at least three Nexus phones and possibly five.  Rumors point to versions based on the LG Optimus G, the HTC Droid Incredible X, and a successor to the Galaxy Nexus from Samsung.  A Sony variant may also be in the works. 

While the rumor points to a release date in the next 30 days, November 5th would make a lot more sense.  That’s the 5th anniversary of Android and releasing a handful of Nexus phones seems like a great way to celebrate!

HTC Nexus 5
LG Optimus Nexus

Nexus Overload?