DisplayMate says the iPhone X has the best mobile display…ever

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.03.49 PM

DisplayMate rates smartphone displays of all kinds, mobile ones included.  For the last few years, Samsung has held the crown of best mobile phone display with their Galaxy and Note lines, but their run of supremacy has been ended by the iPhone X.  DisplayMate has quite a bit of technical information on their site but its worth a read if you want to know how it was that Apple has knocked off the champs at Samsung.

See the source link here and check it out.  The king is dead; long live the king!

New video – Samsung Note 8 Review

So – at long last, I got Sean P on camera to talk about what he likes and doesn’t like about his Samsung Note 8 device.  The video just went live on our channel, so head on over and check it out.  Be sure to subscribe and leave a thumbs up while you’re there, so I can keep the videos of Sean P coming.

Thanks for watching – be sure to leave a comment on what you’d like to see us review next!  We’ll have coverage of the Google Pixel 2 phone, as well as probably one of the new devices from Motorola before the end of the year too.  But hit us up and follow us on all the social channels too.

New podcast – Episode 37, everything about the Galaxy Note 8


Greetings fellow tech seekers – the newest episode of the the Silicon Theory podcast is uploaded and should be available on all podcasting platforms shortly.  In it, Sean P and I give our take on the Galaxy Note 8 launch announcement, and what our thoughts are on this device including:  specs, what its place might be in the current Samsung line up, and if the phone is too bloody expensive.  Make sure you subscribe to the pod wherever you get your podcasts.  This is the 1st part of a 2 part pod…the 2nd part will be dropping soon!

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Galaxy Note 8 to be made official on 08/23


We are very much looking forward to the anticpated launch of the Galaxy Note 8 tomorrow – much of this information has leaked already, and to be honest, its very much like the Galaxy S8 Plus so….there’s not a ton of news coming out.  For those of you who do still enjoy a nice S-Pen and are looking forward to Samsung’s take on a dual camera setup, stay tuned to us here at Silicon Theory as we will bring you all of the important stuff from the launch announcement.

Galaxy S8 Active announced for pre-order on AT&T starting Aug 8th


For those who weren’t sold on the existing style or model of the Galaxy S8, Samsung has another option for you.  Their more ruggedized version of the Galaxy S8, called the Active series, should be available to pre-order starting tomorrow and available in AT&T stores starting Friday, August 11th.  It’s got the same 5.8″ display but shoved into a mil-spec water and drop resistant shell.  It also does not have the dual curved display that the normal Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus sport so those who didn’t care for that design element should check it out.

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Note 8 could launch as soon as Sept 15th overseas


Rumored Note 8 design

There were reports yesterday, including this one from Droid-Life, that the Note 8 might launch very soon indeed – just not in the US market.  The date that is running around right now is a September 15 launch in the Korean market, with a US launch coming sometime thereafter.  A September 15th launch for the US is also not out of the question.  It’s pretty common for even a large carrier (especially those from the Asian Markets) to release a phone early to its local clientele, and then bring it to market globally later on.  We are looking forward to this device’s launch, whenever it comes, and will have as much and as many details for you when it does.  But in the meantime, see our earlier post for all the leaked specs, and you can get a bit more info from our “5 minutes of tech” video from yesterday about it.

Galaxy Note 8 specs outed by VentureBeat

In a report from famed Twitter leaker Evan Blass, just about all that you’d care to know about the specs of the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 are here for the world to see.  There have previously been pics of the device as well, and some of those we’ve included after the jump for your viewing pleasure.  But first, let’s talk about the raw specs of the upcoming powerhouse “flagship” from Samsung; the device that I’m sure Samsung hopes can rebuild the Note brand after last years fiery end to the Note 7.

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Exclusive S8 color coming to Best Buy


Best Buy, the US big box retailer known primarily for its blue-and-yellow logo, will reportedly have an exclusive “coral blue” color of Samsung’s popular Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus smartphones available starting tomorrow (July 13, 2017) that will work on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.  Best Buy has had color exclusive mobile devices in the past, many of them in a blue or blue-ish color (but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence)

If you are interested in picking one up or just want more details, check out the source link below from the good fellows over at Droid-Life.