YouTube TV expands to more markets


YouTube TV announced today that they have added even more cities to the list of those already supported, including Portland, Sacramento, Austin, Albuquerque, and a few others.

To see if your city made or is on the list, check out the link for YouTube Help.  Where we live in Southern California, it is avaialble and I’ve been using it for a while now and am going to eliminate my cable subscription as a result.  If its available in your area, check out the free month trial.

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YouTube TV adds channels to its service, including AMC, IFC, & BBC America


Subscribers to Google’s YouTube TV service (which includes me) received an email today detailing a channel updating, bringing several new channels into the fold.  This includes AMC (for you Walking Dead superfans), BBC America, and IFC among others.   As many had hoped at launch, Google has made an effort to make their new television service more robust with more options.  The next level would be to tier out their current pricing structure to give consumers even more options (rather than the current “bundled” model) to allow even more flexibility.  But now your $35/monthly subscription fee buys you quite a few more channels than it did before.

If you want some more details, or if you live in one of the 5/6 major metro areas that offer the service, head over to the YouTube TV site to check it out or sign up.

Google adds YouTube TV to the growing list of cord cutting options

Residents of New York, Los Angeles, SF Bay Area, Chicago, and Philadelphia now have another option for those looking to cut the cord from their cable company.  Google made available yesterday their YouTube TV app and service, which allows users to stream local TV channels as well as a select group of other channels including ESPN, Fox Sports Disney Channel, and soon to be joining them additional channels like AMC and BBC America.  The service is currently being offered at $35/monthly, with additional add-ons (like Showtime) available for an extra charge.  But for your $35, you get an unlimited cloud based DVR that will store content for up to 9 months.

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