YouTube TV expands to more markets


YouTube TV announced today that they have added even more cities to the list of those already supported, including Portland, Sacramento, Austin, Albuquerque, and a few others.

To see if your city made or is on the list, check out the link for YouTube Help.  Where we live in Southern California, it is avaialble and I’ve been using it for a while now and am going to eliminate my cable subscription as a result.  If its available in your area, check out the free month trial.

From: Droid-Life



Episode 39 – Apple Event Recap


The latest episode of the Silicon Theory podcast is uploaded and ready for your listening pleasure.  We do a deep dive into ALL of the hardware items announced at the 2017 Apple event, including the Apple Watch, Apple TV 4k, and both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Be forewarned – there is some ranting and colorful language used during this podcast, so make sure you cover the kids ears.  As always, thanks for listening and make sure you subscribe on your favorite podcast platform!

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2017 Apple Event Live Recap


The 2017 Apple Event is a go!  We will have the major items recapped for you and then some rapid reaction – first thought kind of stuff as the event unfolds.  Make sure you are checking back regularly, as we will update the post as more items are launched, announced, and unveiled.  No one knows for sure what Apple will have up their sleeves, but you can be sure that we will cover all of it!

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Detailed: our video rig


So – we produce video content on our YouTube channel.  We also produce a bunch of other content (podcasts, written articles, pictures on Instagram to name a few) but we’ve really been trying hard to raise the production value on the video to make it informative and useful for people.  To that end, we took some time and made a few investments in some equipment, and while it looks a bit DIY (and it sort of is!) I get questions quite a bit on where we bought the shooting rig and how it works together.  So here is the answer.

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Apple’s iPhone event is tomorrow – here’s a preview of what to expect


Apple has a HUGE event going on tomorrow, Tuesday 09/12/17 – we will likely see not 1, not 2, but 3 different iPhone models – this article will host not only the preview items you’ll see below, but we’ll also cover the major announcements from Tuesday as well.  Bookmark this page to make sure you stay up to date as the news unfolds.

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Report – HTC is going to sell its phone business to Google



Cited by Droid-Life, there is a report from DigiTimes that indicates that due to falling revenue (the lowest in 13 years apparently), HTC is finalizing the sale of its mobile phone operations to Google.  While Google used to own Motorola, that was several years ago and the Android landscape has shifted quite a bit since then.  As many of you might already know, Google had formed a partnership with HTC last year to produce the initial wave of Pixel devices, and is also going to be producing the Pixel 2 device (scheduled to be released this year, around October)

If realized, Google would now own a supply chain and manufacturing facility based in Taiwan with a nice track record of producing very solid hardware.  And while they have had some misses in the past (does anyone remember the U Ultra?) they have also had some hits, such as the U11, the HTC One series, and the aforementioned Pixel 2016 version.  Most Android fanboys would love the idea of HTC hardware mated with stock Google software.  We will follow this story to determine its accuracy.

Source(s): DigiTimes | via Droid-Life

Review – Kinivo BT450 Bluetooth adaptor

kinivo bt450While I love my car (and its paid for, so there’s that) it’s always had a problem that I loathe.  When my car was made, bluetooth connectivity was limited, and so the HandsFree Link system in my Acura TL can only connect to my mobile phone for phone calls, not other audio.  Recently, while complaining about this very fact on an internet forum, someone mentioned to me they had a similar problem, and solved it with this product from Kinivo.  Being a forward thinking technology focused person, I ordered it to give it a try.

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Moto X4 official announcement

For those of you looking for the next thing from Motorola, it was announced at IFA 2017 – the new Motox X4.  We’ve linked the offical press announcement here and have included a few of the official press pics below as well.  This new phone features some nice updates from the Z2 Play, including a 3,000mah battery, a Snapdragon 630 processor, and IP68 water and dust resistance.  It should be available here in the US later on this fall for about $400, making it a nice mid-range choice.

Let us know in the comments below what you think about this latest offering from Moto!

5 themes from IFA 2017 – Video

Greetings fellow tech seekers!  For those of you who don’t have the time to read our full theme write up, you can check out this short video instead – its just short of 10 minutes and gives you all the same goodies.

Check it out, and please enjoy!  Feel free to subscribe to get all our video content while you are there and hit that like button while you’re at it.  Thanks, and we’ll talk tech soon!

Silicon Theory Youtube Channel – 5 themes from IFA 2017!